About Rockphoria News

Rockphoria is an unforgettable, multi-media, theatrical, classic rock experience. Rockphoria ambles through the history of classic rock while seeking to answer the eternal question…”why do they do it?”

The answer…well, keep reading!

Why do rock musicians trudge through the never-ending dead-end gigs…travel hundreds of miles for little to no pay…grow their hair long and cover themselves in tattoos…then toss it all away while living a life of excess…all for the remote shot at a fleeting feeling of eternal stardom…?

The Rockphoria story line loosely follows the life and career of John Lennon as it weaves in and out and up and down through the history of classic rock until that fateful cold December evening in 1980 when commentator Howard Cosell announced to the world via Monday Night Football that John Lennon was gunned down on a NYC street.

The story of Lennon was similar to the life mission of the great explorer George Mallory. Mallory was the man who uttered those prophetic and profound words, “because it’s there” when asked why he wanted to climb to the pinnacle of Mt. Everest, the largest rock in the world.

Mallory responded, “because it’s there…It’s existence is a challenge, a part, I suppose, of man’s desire to conquer the universe.”

Well, Mallory died during his 3rd attempt to climb the great rock and his body was found 75 years later close to the summit begging the question, did he die on the way up or on the way back down after reaching the pinnacle of the largest rock in the world?

Which makes us all wonder the same for John Lennon…did he die on the way up or on the way down from reaching the pinnacle in the world of rock? You decide…

Come and experience Rockphoria for yourself and answer that very question for yourself while indulging your senses on the nostalgia of old-time radio as seen through the eyes and the entrancing narrations of a classic rock and roll DJ. Set to a colorful background of the psychedelic video and well over 60 masterfully interwoven classic rock riffs and melodies, you will leave the theater begging for another taste of Rockphoria!