Lisa Markovich

Lisa’s mother proudly boasts that her daughter was a natural-born rockstar, with a powerful voice that could silence a room.

Growing up in Florida, Lisa would often ride on horseback to listen to Skynyrd rehearse, which heavily influenced her love for Southern and classic rock. Despite being told to speak softer because of her booming voice, Lisa’s power vocals became a defining part of her career.

In 2001, she formed her own original band, Beyond Blonde, and performed at numerous festivals, opening for iconic acts like Joan Jett & The BlackHearts, The Spinners and sharing the stage with legends like Steven Tyler, Danny Klein, RI’s James Montgomery and so many more amazing musicians.

Lisa’s talent as a female rock vocalist earned her a solid reputation in Rhode Island and beyond, with her albums consistently winning Album of the Year.

Aside from her music career, Lisa is also a successful web designer and demo singer. She is thrilled to be joining the boys of Rochphoria and invites fans to follow her on Facebook.  You can listen to some of her music below.

Apple Music

Purple Rose 2013

‎Beyond Blonde on Apple Music

Famous Last Words 2003

‎Famous Last Words by Beyond Blonde on iTunes

Showing My Roots 2011


‎Showing My Roots by Lisa Markovich & Beyond Blonde on iTunes